2011. november 16., szerda

after all we have been through.

everything is the same as yesterday. it could be even worse... I am alone in the whole big house, surrounded by silence, I am freezing cold, and also feel terrible. fuck, I need some love. a little.. a little care.
today I felt quite indignant. I could not believe my current situation, and I still do. but if I think it over, I can say, that it could be foretelled. it is no matter how strongly I want it. it is a shame.
I can say nothing. I am speechless. and.. angry. it is not because of the stuff I made. I AM NOT a defaulter. It is not about only one.
I need some kind of shoulder. Someone offered me the friday - to go to party and be crazy. but I am not really sure about that. everything became soooooo chaotic. I don't want to see that person, at all, after happened. I don't want to see him or her face (just because of being mysterious), to remember everything, to make myself ridiculous and ashamed.

I just want you to be like you were.

and nothing else.

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  1. don't write in English, because I can't read it as fast as a would read in Hungarian :D
    and don't forget: I LUV U! <3

    but it is for safety reasons :)