2013. február 11., hétfő

suttogó remény halk lépteit elnyeli a némaság

I had a great day today. Oddly, after two weeks of constant struggling and sadness. I think I deserve it from Karma. I don't know why you were/are so rude to me, dear, but I keep trying to be good to others and to myself just to get your kindness. You dominate my life.
Today things happened the way I wanted. I had nothing to worry about, I recieved a wonderful 5 from Physics, I gave a presentation from English, which also became 5, so my day in the school was in order.
I was released, I laughed, chuckled about goofy jokes, made dreams and thoughts, created plans (which I am not sure about weather they will work or not), I felt pretty, but the most worth mentioning thing is that finally I wasn't even sad.
Of course, in the afternoons I also feel alone,  but I am always trying to be positive. I realized what makes sense and what doesn't. I should not suffer.
I should be creative!
And now I am happily enlightened.

at the moment
*listening kiscsillag
*pink cloud everywhere
*ed hardy smell
*black tee, black pants, black everything
*lost hope, desire and dreams instead.
*need sex.
*need his muscles, half smile, hair on his face, soft and full lips.
*my phone smells like cigarette(?!)

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