2013. március 20., szerda

it's like I'm sleepwalking

This is how I can express all of my confused feelings

like he did clearly.

decided to write in english. if it is better. if not - it fades away without reading, slowly. and I won't care. this is what I want now.
i know, this music is not like me. but recently, life has got into a strange path, without any kind of connections. and in the middle stands a boy.
a man. 
what else could?
i feel like being constantly enchanted. 
he has such a great impact on me, like nobody had before. so strange, that it has no chance of  formulating correct ideas.
my feelings resemble to a rollercoaster. once I have an in-depth discussion with him, then I sit leaning to the wall in the shower, absorbed in thoughts, staring in front of me, with an emotionless expression on my face.
the only question is the big, regularly mentioned why.
why I can't be happy, satisfied and shut the fuck up?
the feelings in me are like a stormy sea. I can't decide what should I do. the ideal solution could be accepting the situation and living up all the emotions, drifting with the flow.
such an interesting scene, which on the other hand makes me smile and awakens me to a couple of things.
without him everything would be so boring, so simple, so lonely. 
strange that someone is able to belong to our heart in such a short interval, and being an integral part of our lives. his place is perfectly founded.
the irony of the situation is that he is perfect. so perfect in many respect.
I should be satisfied with him, and thank God for having him. not to mention I enjoy every moment with him, he makes me laugh all the time, and he looks like a perfect person to love.
what else do I want?

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