2014. augusztus 7., csütörtök


I have an enduring desire to practice English, as leaving the school behind did not give me any chance to improve my knowledge and keep it leveling. Like always, I had lesser translation duties for the lovely Dutch people living in my village, and of course the usual drunk-english-conversations, but I feel I have fallen back in my abilities, which is a shame and should be immediately cured - as in September I am beginning English Studies in ELTE (yaay!) - and also a new life.
Our flat will be behind Örs square, and requires like 5 minutes of walking to reach Árkád. For me, the whole Budapest thing is very new and unusual, but fortunately I have a bunch of volunteers who offered to show me all the important and necessary things that a person from BP needs to know. The flat is not so big, but we have a wide range of ideas to make it prettier and more girly. 
Nowadays I am struggling with constant nervousness, because university-life, the begginings require lots of assistance and resourcefulness, which is not my strongest point, at the same time I am too busy to find suitable time to arrange everything. Now, I think everything has been done, but you cannot be sure about these things. 
Aaaand there's also one thing that wouldn't let me sleep well. 
My workplace is the best I can imagine - superior payment, work, which I have a talent to do, overly kind people surrounding me, who are always willing to engage into a friendly conversation. But that's the source of the problem - one guy feels more about me, that I could reciprocate to him. I am loyal to my boyfriend and stick to him, I love him more and more as time passes and he is the perfect match to me, but tempt  keeps knocking at my door.
I am strong.

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