2014. szeptember 22., hétfő

and here comes an English post again, after long time of not showing any life-sight, laying in my bed,  watching some shitty film and trying to fall asleep. my room has attained a special kind of cosiness, but now I am feeling homesick, as always.
I miss him. after spending the whole day in his company and in his arms, now everything is useless. i love him more and more as time passes and we collect memories and tons of feelings together. after one and a helf year this sunday.
i feel i want to live with him. grow older with him. marry him. have kids with him. love him forever.
without his company, the whole Budapest is empty.
(wow, that was fully and overly sloppy, but that was truly from my heart in these late hours)

I meet more and more new people every day and can never feel physically alone... but I do. I can always engage into conversations, but can never have a useful outcome. whole new people - fewer new friends. i love being sticked to the old ones.
no to forget swedish - oh, my love! it is painful and tyring, but i put so many effort in it, that maybe it will be more beneficial for the future than my English diploma.

and last, before being embraced by dreams: i had a wonderful surprise birthday party all organized by my love this weekend. I cried so much that I could not even see.

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