2014. október 14., kedd

looking up at the stars, hoping there is something more

Sometimes you feel nothing happens in the way you wanted. Things fall apart, you fall apart and then end up as a mess, excluded from society, from a group of people, and start to feel yourself as an outcast. I used to do that, even now. I see people from a different perspective, thinking that I am totally alone. It feels like living in a shell, looking at people without being noticed, and realizing that their thoughts differ from mine.

Constant humiliation, dissapointment, disenchantment, tearing dreams apart. That what university consist of.
I am depressed sometimes.
Det kommer att sluta. Jag vet inte när.

At least, my personal life goes on well. My boyfriend is the strongest supporter, I have friends, new ones, old ones, people are changing. I have lost those ones that I needed to, and realized who is worth caring about and who isn't. Times are changing and we have to understand what is really important in our life, and what should be finally deleted.

I am emotionally tired a bit.

Otherwise, I went out with my new so called always-there person tonight. She is just like me and won't stop speaking, which is satisfying.

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